Okay, so you want a tan real fast; what do you do? Given two options – a spray tan that will last 20 minutes or a quick doze under several UV lights on a sun bed, which method is better that the other?

People with a fair complexion obviously are looking to achieve a tan which is neither too dark nor too light. Well, acquiring a sunless tan comes at a price and to help us arrive at a fair conclusion, we need to take a look at the pros and cons of sunbeds and spray tans.

Sunbed Tanning


Unlike the spray tans, no preparation is necessary

A key advantage of using sunbeds is that the ultra violet (UV) exposure is helpful when it comes to our body producing more Vitamin D. According to the experts, Vitamin D provides a variety of benefits to our health.

Sunbeds are fairly priced and each session lasts for 9 minutes, the maximum recommended exposure for fair skin type. This means that a person can control the time he or she spends on the sunbed and is able to regulate their exposure accordingly. Sunbeds provide a tan which is much more natural-looking and usually fades naturally, just like a holiday tan. The tan actually lasts up to 4 or 5 times longer than a spray tan.


A person would need at least 6-10 sessions in order to attain a similar effect as a good spray tan, meaning it would take much time.

An enthusiastic sunbed user might do indescribable harm to his/her skin visually and also by developing some dry or dark skin patches referred to as age spots, plus rashes. One could develop, a very dangerous cancer known as melanoma, if not caught up early. This is actually a proven long-term health risk of sunbed tanning. A sunbed user needs to be on the lookout for any odd colour or changes in shape. New discoloured patches appearing on the skin should be checked.

A person using sunbeds without protecting his/her eyes appropriately can easily get burns to the corneas as well as cataracts.

Spray Tan


Spray tans are really fast and easy to attain, but it depends on who performs it. There are many steps one needs to take before going for the tan in order to prepare the skin and be sure of getting the best result possible.

The spray tan develops real fast and the outcome should be wonderful. A spray tan usually lasts about 5-6 days before fading, and when it begins to fade, it should wash off quite easily.

No real health risks are involved; no ageing of the skin – and zero cancer concerns. However, it is important to protect the eyes and mouth during the procedure. A person can have spray tans as often as he/she prefers without worries of harm to their health.


Considering that a spray tan will merely last up to a week, it could turn out to be costly.

The horrible orange look is a major concern. In case the tan is too dark for one’s skin tone and also not applied to acceptable standards, a person will come out looking like something else. One can also come out smelling like a freshly-soiled potato, but it depends on the make of the solution applied.

Clothes can be soiled if proper care is not taken. Also, bed linen can be ruined if excess tan is not washed off appropriately before retiring to bed.

So Which of the Two Methods Is Better?

Well, it all boils down to personal preference. It is important to weigh up the pros and cons of the two methods separately. Having to go to the sunbed salon for 2 weeks might be really stressful. Besides, the possible long-term health risks involved compared to the temporary gain is not the kind of trade off some people may be willing to pay. For those who only want a tan for special occasions, it is obvious that the spray method would be the route to be most in favour of.

But one type of tanning that is gaining more popularity of late is tan tablets. For more info check out the Spa Tanning Tablets website.

In life, there is a rule that for us to be successful in anything we do, we must arm ourselves with proper knowledge. And this rule does not go flying out of the window when it comes to anabolic supplementation. Beginner steroid cycles are no doubt not only the most nerve-wracking, but also the most thrilling cycles any performance enhancer a user will ever undertake. The reason behind such an emotional response is quite obvious: the person is too excited about the progress he/she hopes to make. However, on the other hand, he/she has heard some horror stories and has no idea about what to expect. Yet, for many, it is the unexpected that can actually cause another response – which is confusion – when trying to plan proper beginner steroid cycles. Potential users tend to drive themselves crazy, when it comes to trying to figure out every last detail.

Foundational Principles for Beginner Steroids

A person needs to carefully plan all the cycles and have correct understanding of the hormones he/she is about to put into their body. But you don’t necessarily have to drive yourself nuts. Bearing that in mind, let’s take a look at some foundational principles for beginner steroids that will help you start off on the right track.

syringe loaded with steroids

It is crucial for every beginner to know what suitable option for a cycle is and what is actually not, and what options are only acceptable – not the best, but not terrible either. Studies have proved that a very first cycle that consists of Testosterone-only is not only the best but also the safest option for a beginner.

For starters, there is one vital detail that needs to be made absolutely clear here to any and all beginners. Oral anabolic steroids should not be utilised in a cycle, and under no circumstances should any cycle ever comprise of only oral anabolic steroids. In most cases, the very first decision any beginner or individual who wants to begin using anabolic steroids is to run a cycle that consists of just one anabolic steroid without any injectable compounds. This is usually due to fear of needles – which must be overcome. When this phobia is overcome, it becomes a lot easier afterwards.

Beginner steroid cycles can be among the most complex cycles to understand. However, this is not because they are really difficult but rather because the person probably has very little understanding of hormones. Often, numerous beginner cycles usually fall short of their full potential for the simple reason that the user does not understand what they are doing. This is why often people get too anxious and randomly pick a certain steroid that is rather useless on its own. Usually, many newbies tend to turn to steroid message boards – which can be helpful. The problem with them however, is that there are several varying opinions which make it difficult to know which beginner cycles are worth your time and money.

For many beginner steroid cycles, testosterone should be the only steroid used. In fact testosterone on its own can transform a person’s physique, although more can be added if preferred. Anavar, Dianabol and Winstrol are normally the three choices for those who desire a little more.

What Makes Testosterone Enanthate the Best Beginner Cycle

Testosterone Enanthate is a more beginner-friendly compound and the best beginner steroid cycle. This is because it is known as a long-estered compound that exhibits an extremely slow window of release as well as a long half-life unlike other quick-acting anabolic steroids like Testosterone Propionate. Testosterone Cypionate is also similar to Testosterone Enanthate. The reason why long-estered compounds like Testosterone Enanthate are commonly used by beginners and are considered as the best for them is that beginners and those using them for the first time are generally shy, scared and cowardly when it comes to needles and injections.

They have to be injected two times every week, where the full weekly dose is divided evenly into two injections. This is necessary for maintaining appropriate and steady peak blood levels of the hormone. If this is not done, it will lead to a higher incidence and intensity of side effects because of the peaks and valleys in uneven blood plasma levels.

Trenbolone is an extremely powerful steroid that was initially produced in the form of finaplex pellets for veterinary use. It was to be placed under the skin of cattle to beef them up just before slaughter. This is why it has never received FDA approval in the US. However, over the year’s bodybuilders have recognised its exceptional properties and powerful benefits such that it has become a very popular anabolic steroid for many, even though it has more severe side effects when compared with most other steroids. In spite of having never received approval from the FDA, there are several respectable UGLs (Underground Labs) that manufacture quality injectable forms of trenbolone. Unfortunately, for those who prefer to adhere to pharmaceutical grade steroids, no such form of trenbolone exists.

Trenbolone is an extremely androgenic steroid; its binding ability to the Androgen Receptor (AR) is around thrice as high as testosterone. Since it does not aromatise, it is not really subject to estrogenic side effects. Apart from its high androgenicity, trenbolone is highly anabolic also, meaning it is not only very good at developing muscle mass, but also retaining muscle mass in a mode that is calorie-deficient. Also it is believed that trenbolone actually inhibits the production of cortisol directly via the glucocorticoid receptors. It has often been found to be a body changing drug and can as well help a bit in fat loss. This can be attributed to the extremely strong binding of this steroid to the AR. This has been assumed to be a mechanism which leads to the triggering of fat loss pathways, facilitated through direct binding to the AR’s of fat cells. This is what actually makes trenbolone a darling in bodybuilding circles for cutting. On top of these benefits, trenbolone normally results in huge increases in strength because of its high androgenic effects.

Although trenbolone is not converted to estrogen, it has progesteronic effects.

The Common Side effects of Trenbolone

Trenbolone is the one injectable steroid out of all the existing injectable steroids that should be used with great caution, and only after extensive research in regard to its side effects as well as common cycles have been conducted. Its side effects can be very severe to many users to the extent that they will not actually use it in spite of its very positive effects on both body and strength.

To start with, since trenbolone is too androgenic, all the side effects associated with strong androgens may be expected (if susceptible) with this steroid. A person predisposed to to male pattern baldness (MPB) is likely to have trenbolone accelerate it. Certain users do find acne on trenbolone worse when compared with any other steroid. As a matter of fact, trenbolone is not recommended for females owing to its potent androgenic properties as well as the common effects which normally appear in females who take strong androgens.

Trenbolone cannot aromatise, but because of the progesterone route, it can trigger disorders such as gynecomastia. However, this will only take place if estrogen is present. This happens in many trenbolone users since it is normally stacked with a testosterone which may and will convert to estrogen. But if you do not develop gynecomastia from it, then you should not be worried about other estrogenic side effects since trenbolone does not trigger any water retention. In fact, it often provides both a hardened look and texture to the muscles.

Many bodybuilders and athletes usually get stuck right in middle ground training where they don’t gain the muscle size or strength they desire. The reason why they stop making progress is that they actually stop coercing their body to adjust. When a person has been training long enough, the body grows “cleverer” and he/she cannot simply compel it to do anything further.

Continuing to push and grunt without any real strategy except “hard work” will only get a person injured or beat-up. The so-called “middle ground training” devours sound progress faster than most other things, namely training with either similar set or rep arrangement and same intensity. Defaulting to exercising in the 8, 10, or 12 rep range will result in your growth only wallowing in no-gains’ land.

High reps help you to lose fat and “tone” a muscle more. On the contrary, low reps can help to both build muscle and increase strength.

High Reps vs. Low Reps: The Strength Continuum

Actually, the Strength Continuum refers to a framework whereby strength and endurance do exist on a range or scale which defines the link between eight, reps, and workout result. Strength is symbolized by the 1 repetition maximum (1RM). This is the optimal that a person can lift for a single rep, and endurance refers to the ability to apply a lower force repetitively over time.

pro and cons to high and low reps

While low repetitions with heavy weight boost strength, high repetitions with light weight boost stamina. This theory states that as repetitions increase, a slow switch from strength to endurance occurs.

High Reps vs. Low Reps for Strength

Low reps with heavy sets vs. high reps with light weight are recommended for optimal strength increases, although high reps can still bring about gains in strength also.

For maximum strength gains, relatively heavier weights should be lifted for low reps as this is actually in agreement with the way Powerlifters train for contest to help them increase neuromuscular adaptation (effectiveness of the brain to regulate the muscles). A person can become stronger due to either an increase in muscle size, or an upswing in neuromuscular adaptation.

High Reps vs. Low Reps for Fat Loss

It is believed in some quarters that heavy weights are merely suitable for developing muscle. But then, what of fat loss; can lifting heavier weights help a person to torch additional fat – or instead turn him into the hulk? The general belief is that high reps get rid of fat – magically. However, it has been proven that although high reps with light weight to fatigue might create a muscular reaction, it does not essentially eradicate fat better than low reps combined with heavy weight. It is the intensity of the workout that helps burn fat.

High Reps vs. Low Reps for Building Muscle

Contrary to the common misconception, lifting heavier weights does not automatically help in building muscle. In reality, it is how much one eats combined with the total volume and intensity of the training. It is not necessarily the weight/reps that will make the difference but rather how the workout becomes more challenging over time. If you consume comparatively less calories than you burn, certainly you can lift super heavy weight and most probably not gain even one ounce of muscle mass.


It is advisable to use both high and low reps in your workout program if you are looking or build muscle, lose fat, or just enhance your overall physical fitness. Depending on the training outcome, some rep ranges are more optimal than others. According to fitness gurus, the best rep ranges to bring about the most radical changes in body composition for fat loss and muscle building, in terms of time-efficiency, safety and overall effectiveness possibly happen within the 6-12 rep range. Your specific goals will determine what ranges you should use.