Although I will, of course, be trading links with various websites, I consider this section to be primarily a resource guide for those who are looking to further their knowledge or enhance their life experience. With that in mind, I’ve included links for travel sites, clothing, training, and martial arts information in addition to the women’s wrestling site links found on most other websites of this nature. Generally speaking, if I’ve taken the time to actually do a write up of the site, consider it a personal endorsement. It’s something that I consider to warrant a closer look. If any readers have found excellent resources that I’m not aware of, please let me know and I’ll put them up.

— HvM

The best site on the Web for information, resources and connections for women amateur wrestlers (and a few boxers), women who are thinking about it, and men who are interested in the subject. Our friend Barbara, the webmaster, has made this into a true virtual community, an invaluable meeting place and the indispensable clearinghouse for information and connections; including the Ladies Corner, a secured and voice-verified section for women only. Beautifully laid out and constantly updated, too.

Frequently updated, an international listing of women who wrestle for fees, with contact information, links, and many comments from previous clients.

The lovely and witty Josephine, who has been in several of our videos (and wrestles very well!), is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu student and a professional and lifestyle dominant located in San Francisco, California. She is available by appointment for persons interested in a competitive wrestling match, or less sporting activities. Her website includes some pictures along with descriptions of her available client-management services.

BELGIAN FIGHTING WOMEN (and not just Belgians!)

The English-language website for “Belgian Fighting Women,” a Brussels-based company that produces competitive submission-wrestling tapes as well as catfight tapes, often featuring fine European competitors who are little-known in the USA, and also hosts (and videotapes) frequent tournaments. Check out their website.

ROBIN & “Les Femmes Fatales”
Robin aka Suzie Johnson, from Los Angeles, almost requires no introduction; she has been doing real and scripted wrestling in the video world for quite some time and also operates one of the biggest woman-owned video companies. Helen has wrestled at some of Robin’s Live Events. Not a mere fluff wrestler despite her great looks, Robin also trains regularly in a hard jujitsu grappling style. Check out her video sales and membership website at this link.

Venus is one of the most successful and in-demand “adult” models and performers in the world; she is incredibly beautiful if you like blondes with heartbreakingly lovely faces, bodies so perfect they seem to have been drawn by an erotic cartoonist sweating out his seventh month in the county jail, and very relaxed attitudes about disrobing.¬† She also performs in “wrestling” videos that are nude and erotic. Although what Venus does in her videos and what we do in ours are far from being the same thing, her X-rated commercial website made our “Links” list anyway because she is personally one of the sweetest women in the whole entire business!

Ken of “Kenstar” is that relative rarity, a male video-company owner with a serious interest in grappling for its own sake, and for getting that kind of trained women’s grappling on tape. Kenstar has also promoted and produced public “live events.” Helen and Josephine have appeared in videos for this company in Los Angeles.

Out on the lonely prairies of western Minnesota, the University of Minnesota, Morris campus hosts the U.S.A.’s first women’s collegiate freestyle wrestling team. Some of the Cougars will be on our first Olympic women’s wrestling team, whenever it happens. Schedules, news, and photo gallery.

A fan website dedicated to girls wrestling at the U.S. high school age-level. Includes girls’ tournament results, lists of newspaper articles from around the nation, a handful of pictures and event videotapes, and a historical-facts page. Did you know that on December 30, 1985, America Morris — quite a name! — of Clairmont High School in San Diego, California, wrestling at 107 pounds, was the first American girl to pin a boy in varsity competition, while leading 9-4 in the second period of a match? And that Miss Morris went on to appear on the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson? All this and more on FHSW.

The site for information about the champion fighter and 3rd-degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Ralph “the Pitbull” Gracie, and the Ralph Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, located in San Francisco, California.

The online version of FULL CONTACT FIGHTER magazine, with frequently updated information about the world of no-holds-barred, vale tudo, and mixed martial arts fighting around the world.

Comprehensive site about Brazilian jiu-jitsu experts and schools in the United States, with pages of photos, interviews, histories, instructional videotape reviews, and current information.

Outstanding, fun and informative website for serious fans and participants in martial arts, wrestling, mixed martial arts, and no-holds-barred fighting. Includes the “Underground Forum”, a dynamic message board with ever-changing commentary on these subjects, and a chat room. The site requires registration but is free of cost. Be aware: this site is only for real martial arts and NHB fans, and the emphasis¬†is 99.98% on male competition and serious training. People only interested in women’s wrestling will find nothing here to interest them, but people who are into the real martial arts scene will find a lot.

A site featuring female bodybuilding and fitness athletes as well as contest coverage of major contests.