Sunbeds vs Spray Tans

Okay, so you want a tan real fast; what do you do? Given two options – a spray tan that will last 20 minutes or a quick doze under several UV lights on a sun bed, which method is better that the other?

People with a fair complexion obviously are looking to achieve a tan which is neither too dark nor too light. Well, acquiring a sunless tan comes at a price and to help us arrive at a fair conclusion, we need to take a look at the pros and cons of sunbeds and spray tans.

Sunbed Tanning


Unlike the spray tans, no preparation is necessary

A key advantage of using sunbeds is that the ultra violet (UV) exposure is helpful when it comes to our body producing more Vitamin D. According to the experts, Vitamin D provides a variety of benefits to our health.

Sunbeds are fairly priced and each session lasts for 9 minutes, the maximum recommended exposure for fair skin type. This means that a person can control the time he or she spends on the sunbed and is able to regulate their exposure accordingly. Sunbeds provide a tan which is much more natural-looking and usually fades naturally, just like a holiday tan. The tan actually lasts up to 4 or 5 times longer than a spray tan.


A person would need at least 6-10 sessions in order to attain a similar effect as a good spray tan, meaning it would take much time.

An enthusiastic sunbed user might do indescribable harm to his/her skin visually and also by developing some dry or dark skin patches referred to as age spots, plus rashes. One could develop, a very dangerous cancer known as melanoma, if not caught up early. This is actually a proven long-term health risk of sunbed tanning. A sunbed user needs to be on the lookout for any odd colour or changes in shape. New discoloured patches appearing on the skin should be checked.

A person using sunbeds without protecting his/her eyes appropriately can easily get burns to the corneas as well as cataracts.

Spray Tan


Spray tans are really fast and easy to attain, but it depends on who performs it. There are many steps one needs to take before going for the tan in order to prepare the skin and be sure of getting the best result possible.

The spray tan develops real fast and the outcome should be wonderful. A spray tan usually lasts about 5-6 days before fading, and when it begins to fade, it should wash off quite easily.

No real health risks are involved; no ageing of the skin – and zero cancer concerns. However, it is important to protect the eyes and mouth during the procedure. A person can have spray tans as often as he/she prefers without worries of harm to their health.


Considering that a spray tan will merely last up to a week, it could turn out to be costly.

The horrible orange look is a major concern. In case the tan is too dark for one’s skin tone and also not applied to acceptable standards, a person will come out looking like something else. One can also come out smelling like a freshly-soiled potato, but it depends on the make of the solution applied.

Clothes can be soiled if proper care is not taken. Also, bed linen can be ruined if excess tan is not washed off appropriately before retiring to bed.

So Which of the Two Methods Is Better?

Well, it all boils down to personal preference. It is important to weigh up the pros and cons of the two methods separately. Having to go to the sunbed salon for 2 weeks might be really stressful. Besides, the possible long-term health risks involved compared to the temporary gain is not the kind of trade off some people may be willing to pay. For those who only want a tan for special occasions, it is obvious that the spray method would be the route to be most in favour of.

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